Thanks for visiting my travel blog!  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I like sharing it.

My name is Michelle, although I have lived in several states within Australia I do call myself a “Queenslander” even though I haven’t lived in my home state for the last 30 years.  My job in Defence has seen me move a lot, however the last 12 years I have called Tamworth NSW home.

I am married to Digby and have two children Jake and Amy, my daughter was diagonised with Severe Verbal Dsypraxia and is on the “autism spectrum” this was an eye opener and made me reassess my attitude towards people with disabilities.  Every aspect of my daughters life has needed support, we have always taken two steps forward and one step back.  What I have found it that you need great support around you, you need those special people that are willing to take on some responsibilities of teaching, freindship, work relations and care of your precious gift and I am so lucky that I have that. 

It was the day that my daughter passed her drivers test, that a plan to live overseas for a year was born. You see up until this point I thought that my daughter would be dependent on me forever. This small achievement was the beginning of her independence and a dream for me to fulfill.

I love my volunteer work with Lions International and running social events.  In my downtime I like reading, but lately I have found “Netflix”.

Here is a link to my very first blog post which covers some of our travels:  Whirlwind trip 2006

Now back to the adventures….