With the weather warming up we spent more time relaxing and enjoying nature and history.  I have found out that I enjoy watching and getting Digby to photograph birds, which is something I didn’t think I would be in to.

 We attended our first ever Pow Wow at the Brooksville Native American Festival.   We were impressed with the drum group “Red Boyz” who travel the country playing the traditional songs which go back many generations.  We witnessed traditional dancing from various tribes and some dances including the hoop dance and the fancy dance which was created during the “Wild West or Buffalo Bill” show to add more colour and flare to the dances.  There were different tribe outfits, some that were very elaborate with a lot of detail.

We also had the privilege of seeing the Nahuli Ollin Aztec dancers from Mexico City.

We stumbled across a little campground called “Chassahowitzka River“ and we were pleasantly surprised to find manatee’s which congregate to Florida’s springs during the winter months.  You can swim with them which I did, but with so many people it was a bit crowded, we enjoyed watching them in the crystal-clear springs instead.

There are springs all over Florida we visited the Rainbow Springs in Dunnellon, again we jumped in a canoe and enjoyed the wildlife from birds, turtles and fish.

From here we headed north to Tallahassee for a week of maintenance not only of the car but ourselves as well.