What a surprise St Augustine was, known as the oldest continuously inhabited European settlement founded by Spanish in 1565 and it still has that Spanish feel with buildings, entrance gates to the city and the narrow roads.

The trolley service is worth the price if you are planning on staying more than two days and the guides are really knowledgeable in the town’s history.

There are a lot of “oldest” things here to see like the oldest house (even though it has been burnt down a few times).  The oldest wooden school, the old jail and oldest store, if anyone was planning a visit to St Augustine I would suggest at least a week to explore the area and its surroundings, lots to do!

We thought we stumbled across a pirate’s festival but it just seems that people like to dress up as pirates.  There is a real life sized “David” (must be the angle), bridges and of course a fort.

From there we headed along the coastline to Daytona Beach, this still spins me out, you pay $20 to take your car on the beach, park, pull out your chairs and watch life go by.  We saw a mother and calf Southern Right Whales travelling south, they tend to just float along the surface no great big breaches or tail waves, but they still brought out the crowds.

You can buy a beach house fairly cheap on the coast but the cost of maintenance would be horrendous.

One museum that we visited on our last trip was the Navy Seal Museum and it has definitely changed in the last 6 years, what a great museum to visit if you are ever in Fort Pierce Florida.

We then moved on to Orlando as we just missed the launch of a satellite from Cape Canaveral.  When we took the kids to Disney Land in 2006, the area was pristine and wide open landscape now it is all high rise motels, restaurants and new theme parks everywhere totally over commercialised, which is a shame.

We were not impressed so headed to the gulf side of Florida where we will relax for a few days.