Well it was a cold and dreary day when we left Philly and headed west, first for a quick stop at Gettysburg, we have been to Gettysburg before and am in awe at the amount of statues, monuments and memorials that are in this one small location – 1328!

It was nice to head into the country side and away from the traffic, noise and people.  The Blue Ridge Parkway is 469 miles long through Virginia and North Carolina, it is very popular in Summer but not so busy in Winter.

Even though the trees were bare of leaves it was still pretty with the layer of browns and grey that cover the forest floor.  We stopped and viewed the vast mountainous ranges, various waterfalls and some cabins dating back to the 1700s.  It was extremely peaceful and we took four days to enjoy it.

P.S. The following photos should not have made the cut but this is what I have to do as the photographers assistant!

We are now heading to the east coast side of South Carolina and Georgia for another change of scenery.