Well the news from home is still devasting with the fires raging on, we didn’t realise how bad it was until we starting reading all the stories coming out.  So hopefully everyone is keeping well and surviving ok our thoughts are with you.

This week we continued with our history of the US with a trip to the nation’s capital – Washington DC, we found that Amy was only interested in the area if we related it to a movie for example the American Museum of Natural History was featured in “Night at the museum – Battle of the Smithsonian”.


One tradition that has been going for 120 years, is the Mummers Parade, it is an 8 hour street parade, where local clubs wear lavish costumes and compete in performances with moving props/scenery. Unfortunately, we only lasted 5 hours at the parade as it was zero degrees and we couldn’t feel our feet or hands, but well worth a look if you are ever in Philadelphia on New Year’s Day.

We spent another day exploring Philly, everyone who visits needs to get that iconic photo with the “Rocky” statue and run up the stairs, Amy was no different.

We only have Amy for a couple more days before she heads back home, so we still need to get a football and basketball game in yet, tickets are so ridiculously priced that we don’t know how locals get to see the game – we may need to make a compromise!