With Australia in drought and areas ravished with bush fires, the US is not immune from mother nature either. A large storm is making its way from the west through to the east with large snow dumps. Since leaving Glen Canyon, I have been trying to stay ahead of it.

In Australia, snow is a bit of fun but when you live in it, snow becomes a pain to deal with.  Your vehicles get caked with snow, roads are closed and you get delayed while snowploughs clear the roads. You come across more accidents as people seem to be in a rush in the slippery conditions.

I wanted to visit Monument Valley again but with the bad weather following me, my stay was short.  It had been snowing so it was cold, wet & muddy.  After visiting Zion & Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley felt second rate.

My next stop was Four Corner Monument where four states lines meet, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico & Arizona. You can be standing in all four states at once.  I assumed that since the marker was in the middle of nowhere, that there would be few people, how wrong I was, it was the Friday after Thanksgiving and the crowds where constant and everyone wanted their moment on the marker.  

To get away from the weather, I headed towards the Mexico border and down to the White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. It’s only a small desert and the park closes at 6pm daily which is quite unusual for a National Park.  It might have something to do with it having to share its territory with a live missile firing range.

With the storm front ahead of me, it was time to start heading east again. Amarillo, Texas was a good place to stop as I was hoping for a nice sunset to take some photos at the Cadillac Ranch. As I got talking to some local photographers, they told me that one of the Community College photographers was on his way to do some fire swirling and invited me to stay. You get to see the iconic Cadillac photos on the web all the time but what a privilege to get the opportunity to photograph then with sparks everywhere.  A huge thanks to Chris Hayden who organised it.

With Michelle on her way back to the US, its time for me to now put the pedal to the medal and get to Philadelphia to meet both her and Amy.