We spent another day in Seattle which was a rainy day, which is expected since Seattle gets more than 150 days rain a year.  This town is very open to change and diversity, there are a lot of things that started their journey in Seattle from the first Starbucks, Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing and Cinnabon just to name a few.

There are some iconic landmarks there as well apart from the needle there is the Troll which lives under the Aurora Bridge and was sculpted by a group of local artists.  I particularly like the VW in the troll’s hand.  The Spheres is a futuristic trio of biospheres which holds more than 400 plants from around the world, the spheres were intended for Amazon employees to enjoy an urban jungle.

From there we headed to Mt St Helens which is an active volcano which last erupted in 1980. Digby was a bit disappointed as everyone knows if he was going to do away with me it would be in a volcano.

Landscape in the US is sparser than in Canada and there is a lot less water but beautiful in its own way.

The US celebrate Veterans Day on the 11th November so we attended a local parade to celebrate their service.

From there we started to head south to Yosemite National Park with a short stop in Sacramento. On arrival in Sacramento I received word of my fathers passing, so I will be heading home for a couple of weeks.  I have left Digby in the US, so will still be able to post some of his photo’s as he heads from the West Coast to the East Coast to meet up with Amy and I on the 12th December.