This week was all about the “spook” so we thought we would get into the “spirit” of Halloween, it was interesting to see that a lot of the East Indian families are starting to celebrate it as well, as it is not a normal tradition for them, but it is great to see them as part of the community.

On Sunday we went to a family Halloween festival at one of the local towns, they put on a whole heap of games and activities for them to do.  There is the costume competition and parade I was surprised at how many families get into costume. My favourite was the cutie taco.

On Tuesday we went to Surrey to Potter House of Horrors which was a whole lot of fun, even if it was a little scary (had my moments).

Halloween eve we went looking for some houses which were decorated, a lot have their front porch done up but one gentleman has been doing his house up every year and it is all handmade which is pretty amazing.

How do kids know which houses to go to for candy? Well if a porch light is on then you can knock on the door otherwise if lights out – no go.

One initiative we saw was the High Street Shopping Centre which ran a Halloween night for the families, what they did was have several stands around the shopping mall where you could get a family photo and the candy.  Some stores were still open and giving out candy. I thought this was a great idea as the traffic around this area is quite busy.

Question: Can you guess how many pumpkins are wasted each year on Halloween?

Answer: Around 5 million.


Digby had a couple of days out shooting eagles, still waiting on that bulk migration to happen but I think we will miss out.

We have really taken to the ice hockey and went to watch our last game for the Abbotsford Pilots, what a great game.

This week is pack up week as we leave Canada and head into the US – first stop Leavenworth.