The trip home took us across the top of British Colombia and into Alberta, this scenery is completely different again from our trip up to Whitehorse via Prince George.

Our first stop was at Watson Lake, Yukon which is famous for the signpost forest which was started by a homesick soldier in 1942 who erected a signpost of his hometown: Danville.  Some visitors go all out with having their signs purpose built.

We then had a stop at the Laird River Hot Springs before continuing onto Fort Nelson.  Just past the hot springs we came across the memorial to the Australian man and American women who were murdered earlier this year.  We were a bit surprised to see it was on this part of the Alaska Highway as it is a fairly busy road and not as isolated as initially reported.


It was interesting to see all the different signs for each province here a few of the ones we came across.

What I learnt from this trip was that the Alaskan and Canadian road workers do it hard still working in pouring rain and freezing conditions.


We got to see some more wildlife with bison, porcupine, elk and moose just to name a few.

Fort Nelson has recently begun natural gas production in the region and the growth in this industry is evident with a large amount of duel highway works being undertaken.   From there we continued onto Grande Prairie which is prime agricultural land and has all the industry to support it.  After an overnight stop there we headed into Jasper where we experienced a change in weather conditions down to -11 with snow expected.  This actually came at the right time as the plan to travel back this way was to get some snow shots.

I could cope with -9 whilst car camping but once we hit double digits Digby had to shout me a motel.  

After a two day wait in Jasper we had sunny days into Banff but lows of -14 and a high of 2 but hopefully we got some good shots which we hope you will enjoy.

Took a trip up the Banff Gondola for a look and a meal, this gondola is worth the money as it is one of the best we have seen, with great walkouts and 360 degree views.

We are heading home back to Abbotsford for a well-earned break, LOL. Need to refurbish, refresh and plan our next phase of the trip.