With the official ending of the summer holidays what a difference in the traffic scene, all the big boy toys have been put away and the family and city cars have now hit the road. 

We received our visitors from Australia, firstly our Tamworth friends and then my sister and her husband, so a slow first couple of days to get use to the 17-hour time difference and then shopping for that all-important sim card.

We took in some sites of Abbotsford before taking them to experience their and our first ice hockey game.  This was a junior hockey game with our local team the Abbotsford Pilots. This is for players under 20 years of age, the junior league is often more popular than the senior’s games and we saw why – it’s full on.  The skill required by these players is phenomenal and it included the arggy bargy you see on the national level, definitely a lot of testosterone flying around there tonight.  Spoiler alert – watch the goal keeper at the end.

Both our guests have now departed for their cruise up the inside passage to Alaska so hopefully they will have some great stories and photos to show us on their return.  Unfortunately, we have to stay home and do some domestics to prepare for the Alaskan road trip, we need to have ice tyres fitted and a service done – I know poor us!

Photos this week are some of the ones that didn’t make the other blogs: