We had a quite week this week, just been chilling out at the flat, doing some hikes a really nice one we did was Rolley Falls and Lake and I will be taking my visitors up there to spend the day.

We spent a day out on the water off Vancouver Island looking for whales, there was a pod of transient Orca whales which consisted of a grandmother, mother and two sons.  This family is an older family and hence with no daughters it will not increase, as Orcas have a matriarch society the boys will stay with their mum for life.

Some interesting info and stories:



We went to the sunflower festival and the Abbotsford Airshow.  This airshow was awesome it had some twilight flying which I hadn’t seen before.

Our new visitor is back! You can understand why he is hanging around the houses as he is so skinny, salmon season does not start here until October, although it is berry season, I don’t think that is enough to sustain him.  I feel like we are at the zoo and we are in the cage and he is looking at us.

Plans are underway for our trip to Banff and Jasper so we will post again once that is complete.  Hope everyone is healthy and happy at home.