For our first road trip we are heading to Olympic National Park USA, this park is quite unique as it has ocean, rainforests and mountains with ice glaciers, so a great array of photographic opportunities.

Our first stop though was the US Border control, as we didn’t check the website prior to leaving I was unsure what fruit and vegetables we could take in, so declared all, next thing we were directed to the checking station and they went through our car.  Apparently; we cannot take in oranges and tomatoes; we did ask for a list of declared goods so we won’t fall for that again.

The car travelled really well, we did however take the long route round so a long day with 40 minute stops for roadworks and then Seattle traffic. Arrived, set up camp, the campgrounds are hideouts within the rainforest with cement table and chairs and a fire pit.  There is a notice board so you just choose your site, fill in an envelope, pay your $20 and off you go.  There is flush toilets and potable water in most of the campsites.

Next morning explored Rialto Beach which is famous for the amount of driftwood that washes up. Walked the 3km round trip to the main feature then headed to other beaches – first beach and ruby beach.  Digby decided to take sunset photos of Rialto Beach so another 3 km round trip, all up we walked 17 km that day so it made up for sitting in the car all day the day before.

Day two was rainforests and waterfalls, again a hike in, there are several waterfalls but unfortunately due to a traffic accident we were unable to reach the other two.

Day three was mountain tops in the morning, we did a quick recce on the afternoon before setting up camp, but it was overcast and misty so really didn’t see much, but the next morning bright and sunny.

Wildlife: this week we only saw seals, otters and lots of deer which is roadkill here a bit like our kangaroos.

Hikes: no recorded hikes this week but a lot of kms trekked. 

For the trip home we caught the ferry from Port Townsend across to Keystone, the ferry took ½ hour but realistically took about 3 hours driving time off the return trip.  The only issue with the ferry is that you have to book online the day before to make sure you get on, but it was a fairly simple process once we had internet access.

We will spend a couple of days at home refurbishing before we head out this time to Bella Coola in British Columbia, so stay tuned.