Well imagine Digby’s male brain trying to explain how the bed frame is going to work to Michelle’s female brain – not a pretty sight, so once he completed a physical example using suitcases and notebooks (only things on hand) I actually got it!

So here is how it panned out:

Metal frames made to Digby’s specifications.

Wooden tops cut to size; good thing was Home Depot does this for you.

Carpet laid on top (this upholstering thing is easy Hey Mang!).

Back half secured in place, the front half allows us to remove it and place it on top of the back half so that we can still access the second row of seats when our visitors arrive.

Mattress added (the mattresses are pre-made and are called travel beds, so it was a bonus that we found them as we were going to have a mattress made at double the price).

Cost so far: Just over $1000.

We would like to say a big thank you to Reg and Maryanne for the use of the shed and tools and their fabulous hospitality, we are very grateful.

SHOPPING: I’m a get in, get what I want and get out type of girl when it comes to shopping, however Digby, is a go to every store to see what they have and about 70% of the time end up at the first store to buy the goods.  We purchased most of our camping gear in two days, so no hikes during this time but here are our steps for those two days – who knew shopping was actually good exercise.

DECKED OUT: So; shopping sorted now to pack it all in and see how we go; Digby has put a lot of thought into this car and where things need to go and how to access them. We even brought specially designed luggage with compartments so that we could have easy access. This is what the car looked fully loaded, now off to try it all out.