When traveling it’s good when things go to plan, but that does not always happen!

 Arrived in Sydney and are upgraded to business class – woo hoo, flights are on time and the meal is great. Arrive in San Francisco on time for the connecting flight, well this is the USA so the customs line is horrendous, need to virtually strip down to go through boarder control but you understand it has to happen.

Jump on a connecting flight to Vancouver and are in premium, again at the front of the line and a breeze to get through customs.  Waiting for our luggage and watching all these other people collect and go but there are a couple of groups still waiting so not panicking, only to find out that all the luggage from the Australian leg did not make it onto the connecting flight. 

So, it’s not until you start to add up what’s in the bags that panic starts to set in, particularly if you are under insured.  But positive thoughts and hopefully it will all work out in the end, I have lost luggage before and have prepared, so luckily I won’t have to wear Digby’s undies again (India).

Got our hire car and held on tight whilst Digby navigated the traffic on the wrong side of the road and wrong side of the car.  Driving along we were surprised to see the police and ambulance on the sidewalk with a body covered up, don’t know what happened but not the first thing we were expecting to see.

As we booked our Vancouver accommodation late and it happens to be Canada Day (1 July) our accommodation options were limited, however we did get a budget motel with good reviews.  When entering East Hastings Street, Vancouver I was overwhelmed with the amount of homeless people who all congregate in East Hastings Street and live in tent city.

Even though it is daunting to see this mass group and not just a small group both sides of the street for two blocks, they are pretty harmless, but it is still best to avoid walking down this street.  The following youtube clip is a short story on East Hastings Street:


Bonus this hotel is attached to a brewery, the Hastings Mill – cheap food and beer and have a walk-up jazz/blues session on most nights.  A lot of ups and downs for day one.