We have been to New Zealand numerous times from trips with friends, photo tours, birthdays and anniversaries but my most favourite time was Christmas with the kids in 2014.

For our trip with our adult children we toured the North Island and did all those adrenaline things.  The thing with travelling with adult children is that they are happy to do some of the things that adults do – like go to the pub.  We didn’t have to cater for them being tired, whiny or bored.  Even though I didn’t do all the adrenaline things I still had a ball watching them and it made me feel young again (little did they know but we were the ones that were tired).

Tongariro Alpine Crossing – News Year Day 2015.

Our last trip in March 2019  (30th wedding anniversary) was a week in a Juicy van – this was to test out how I would cope with living in a car for our 12-month trip to North America. This trip made me realise that I am quite happy to be a gypsy and a minimalist, so I think I will cope with travelling and living out of a car, only issue I can see is Digby!

With the photography tours they were centred around the South Island which is the most beautiful and there is such a large array of different photography that you can undertake and here are some different types.